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Those long and painful hours of standing in high heels for a long duration of time in an awkward pose have paid off for me in several ways:

1) My crush, Max, has finally noticed me and now we're friends.
• the down side of this is that my hormones are telling me to pounce him 99%
• My legs become unresponsive around him.
• the 1% is when he comes up to me, that's when my brain is telling me to run.
• stupid legs...

2) Everyone else gave me a little attention, even my ex-bullies.
• the upside of this is: I get the last laugh this time.

3) other companies seem to want me to model for them as well.
• potential jobs and a way to make cash.

And last but not least..
4) dates.

Today this one designer that taught me to sow skirts, lets call her Mrs. Frog, tried to set me up with her son. She asked for my phone number and also invited me to tomorrow's photo shoot.
All of this happened during a wonderful concert, which my mother forced me to go to..
I hope her son will call me to ask me out, because Max really needs a wakeup call and realize that he has competition...

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