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The dream

I had several dreams which unfortunately I cannot recall due to the fact that I had gone into deep sleep several times.
The one which I do remember; was quite scary and bizarre.

It took place in a mall, around the afternoon; my mother and I had decided on watching a movie together at Ciniplex (correct me if I'm wrong at spelling the name).
Unforunately my mother's debit card was empty, so we couldn't buy the movie tickets, my mom sent me to a near by bank (TD) to get a special slip which allowed us to purchase the tickets on certain conditions.
When I got to the bank, it appeared closed, but there were two regullarly dressed men, one sitting behind a desk, the other standing infront of him, who didn't seem like they were allowed to be there; but I chose to come up to them anyway and ask for the slip.
As I was explaining to the man who was sitting behind the desk what I was looking for; he was putting on a face mask, then a second one; he shot a smile at me and pulled out a shot gun.
I screamed.
The second man already had his mask on, I sprinted out of the bank as they started shooting who knows where and shouting "This is a robery!".

I ran away from the mall and ran into Max (this is the third time in a row that he's in my dreams), I cried in his arms and told him what happened.

I woke up.

What a boring day.