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A date, a meal, and a twist.

Mrs. Frog set me up with her son, Dennis, for a date after the photo-shoot (which went awfully wrong, the ladies who were responsible for picking me up actually did so an hour late).

I ran into my adopted sister, Stacy, and her newly-wed husband; whose name I can never recall and will forever hold my peace until somebody will mention it. Stacy appeared delighted by my presence, and so was I. We tried to catch up and I tried to tell her all I could about Max, but she was too busy and apparently, she had to shop for a birthday gift for one of her friend’s upcoming birthday party.

                Once the main photo shoot was over, most of the people parted their ways, I somehow caught myself in the position of being responsible for the disk which reflects sunlight at the object (in this situation, the model, Mrs. Frog), while the photographer took pictures for her portrait. Turns out, the photographer lived in Israel for quite a few years!

Once the photography session was finally over, Mrs. Frog and her friends decided it would be nice to take a stroll around the city, as did I. In fact, I thought it would’ve been the perfect opportunity to get to know Dennis. As it turns out, so did Mrs. Frog.

Mrs. Frog, along with her friends, decided to act half dead and ditch us (I have no idea where they decided to go instead), all I know is that here I am; walking with a very shy and timid looking boy, Dennis.

The conversations were mostly started by me and here is a list of things I managed to find out about Dennis:

  • He loves gaming, he claims he’s trying to quit it.
  • (Insert possible hot-headedness trait here).
  • He obviously has a smoking addiction; he claims he’s trying to quit that too.
  • He likes snowboarding.
  • Snowboarding is the reason why he broke and misplaced a few bones in his body.
  • He doesn’t have much of a life, currently (Thanks to his gaming habits).
  • He’s not doing too well in school.
  • He’s interested in psychology and software engineering.

There is another thing that I have discovered about him, but that should wait until the end.

In the restaurant, I catch him snickering at a man who appears to be a dwarf (with all due respect, the name of the condition escapes me, I did not find his condition humorous at all!). I roll my eyes at Dennis and then say “Be right back” before I speed to the bathroom.

This is a common habit that I have formed because my nose tends to be runny very often, so I have to go and blow it (and fix myself up) before spending time with someone.

                I enter through the bathroom door, and a person which appears to be male, is standing in front of me, washing their hands.

“Oh my!” I exclaim, before peeking out the door to check the sign, “This is the women’s washroom...”

“I’m a girl.” The person corrects me.

My face heats up, “Oh, I’m sorry, it’s... the hair...”

I quickly speed into the bathroom stall in a feeling of guilt, blow my nose and wait for her to leave before stepping out of the stall to check my appearance.

                I return to the table, continue dining with Dennis, who claimed to be enjoying his meal, and then end it with “We need to hurry up, I have a math tutor coming over at seven.”

Dennis glances at the time, “We have plenty of time.”

It was 4:30.


Once we arrive to the parking lot, as instructed by his mother, who claimed she’d be back in a few minutes, we waited for quite a while, I offered Dennis some gum, and leaned against a stable and conversed with him.

At some point I realized that he was standing closer than expected of him, and out of the blue he asked;

“Want to make out?”

“No!” My body said in a reflex.

He stepped back, “It’s because I’m single and...”

“I-I don’t make out with people that I’ve just met... I make out with my boyfriends” I justified, arched eyebrows and heart racing.

Stupid response, I know, but I was panicking!

I tried to keep the conversations going, but deep inside I was weird-ed out and completely disgusted, not to mention how freaked out.

 As soon as Mrs. Frog showed up, I felt relived. She dropped me off at home and I sprinted into my house to call Victoria.

The rest of the day was dull, I spent most of it feeling angry about Max friend zoning me (still?), about Dennis making a move, and being chased around by my neighbour.

My mother was surprised after she had heard what had happened with Dennis, her only question was “So does that mean you’re not going to date him anymore?”

I responded in disgust “No!”

“That prick” she replied.

At least Victoria was kind enough to cheer me up, “Forget that horny guy, you have Max <3 and you’re an awesome girl so you can have any guy you want <3”.

Oh Vicky, you have no idea what an awesome friend you are.

Angel also listened to my whining, and she advised me to casually turn Dennis down the next time he asks me out, be honest and simple; “You’re just not my type.” Is what I’m supposed to say to him.

Tomorrow I have a math test, a quiz in physics, and an interview with the cops.

Oh, my dear pixie-dust keepers, when will this get any better?

Goodnight, sweet dreams, don’t let the dark fairies get to you!

The image used above does NOT belong to me, all rights belong to its proper owner.