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Why, hello there.

Journal Entry March 26 2012

Why, hello there.

I was woken up in the morning by my father’s shouts, he demanded that I would run down the stairs quickly, and so I did. He handed me the phone and I found myself speaking to a female banker, who was asking me “What is your inquiry?”

“I don’t know...?” I arched my eye brows, staring at my father for some answers.

“...Then why did you call us??” The banker’s tone of voice exposed confusion, uneasiness, and a hint of irritation. I don’t blame her, it’s 10 AM in the morning.

“Why did we call them?” I whisper to my father, who quickly retorts “To demand for an explanation to why you’re still not allowed to use the money you’ve deposit-“

“I wanted to know why I still can’t use the money I’ve deposited last week.” I finally say.

The lady explained to me how it takes about 5 days for the system to process the money, and that the day of the deposit doesn’t count as one of those 5 days. She also made me set up a password, and once I did, I’m sure the lady thought I was a bizarre girl; but my password has its secret meaning. The password was to be used to confirm my identity whenever I called the bank for some reason.

I ate my breakfast, and headed towards school:

So the first thing I did once I had arrived to school; was head to the Guidance Office, where officer Gary, who was to take my statement and file it to a detective, was going to interview me. The detective was responsible for getting a more detailed report later on this week.

Officer Gary showed me the picture of “him” and I confirmed that it was in fact “him”.

I did a little sulking afterwards, because seeing ... his... face shook me up.curled up and upset

BadBoy, the thought of him sickens me.

His ugly facial features consisted of dark piercing eyes, rough skin and bushy eyebrows, tobacco stained yellow teeth, such a villain!

Apparently he left the country with his family, so the cops can’t do anything about him until he returns.

I couldn’t focus during my math test afterwards.

Mo was there for me as I was heading towards physics class. As I approached him, he was saying goodbye to HArdy, followed by “I love you.”

Hardy paused, looked back at Mo with a weird-ed out facial expression, and said “I love you, too?” before he headed into our physics class. I giggled, hugged Mo, and filled him in with what has been happening. He offered to help me catch up with what I missed in my English class. He’s so nice J.

After school, I headed to the mall, turned on my phone, and prayed that Max would message me.

As I took my sip of my French Vanilla coffee, my phone vibrated.

It’s him.

Max:  “Hey, how are you?”

I text him back right away: “I’m okay, thanks for asking. How about you?”

Stupid, you should’ve followed the 5 minute rule.

Max: “I’m good, I’m at the library and...*continues telling me about something random*”

I am smiling like a complete idiot right now.

Stop smiling.

Having your crush message you first is not an excuse to be smiling like an idiot.

Stop it!

I stuffed my phone into my pocket and decided to head to the library and sneak up behind him; “How is the comic book, geek?”

                Since I enjoyed blabbering around him, and he knew that very well, he decided to take me to the mall (since the library wouldn’t allow us talk). We hung out in there and he told me a few things that made me admire him even more.

But why do I get scared when he tells me things that a girl should find as... you know... appealing?

Maybe it’s because I’m not ready for it yet.

No, my little tinker fairies, I am just not attracted to him that way, it’s pure emotions and a little bit of the physical traits.

We somehow ended up in the super market, which was quite on the Asian theme, at some point we ended up feeling chicken nuts (Yuck!) and Max was more than eager to find some Cow balls to observe.

As we were about to head out of the store, Max said “Once I get my pay check, we are so going to eat at an Asian restaurant.” (Can’t remember if he said “We’re going to” or “I’m taking you”)

Is that an invitation?

“Only if it’s Chinese!” I declared, “Or Sushi...” I added, remembering that he loved sushi.

He confirmed wanting to eat Sushi.My mother later on reminded how I hated sushi, but true love has unlimited love for dinning out!

We headed to a furniture store, where we crashed at a couch, he discussed High school with me, the one that I go to, NewtonStar.

“Newtonstar? Oh god, I used to go there...” A man, lying on a couch that was positioned beside ours, exclaimed lazily, “Like 20 years ago, I used to lead the school, the gangs, the rock bands...”

Max and I turned out heads to look at the stranger, he was an adult in his mid to late 30’s, blonde hair, fair skin and blue eyes, with a little daughter prancing around for attention. Max and the man began to converse, I listened eagerly, enjoying to learn more about the man and Max.

The man was a cop, he got into an accident and now he is taking things “slowly”, Max always wanted to be a cop, but his colour-blindness got in the way.

They both liked roleplaying, and had great interest in armours...

Oh gosh, silly boys.

“Don’t you ever marry a Jewish girl!” he warned Max, my eyes widened in offense. “No offense if either of you is Jewish, it’s because...” he continued blabbering.

The man’s wife showed up with the man’s son, apparently she took the child to a hospital because he caught a virus; Max signaled me that it’s time to head out; and so we exchanged our goodbyes and walked away.

The things that happen when I’m around Max, it’s bizarre!

I hung out with Max until 6 PM, then he headed home to make supper, I was picked up by my parents and told them about Max’s indirect way of inviting me. They were a little angry over what Dennis did and so they thought it was more than reasonable for me to hang out with a true gentleman, Max, and so they gave me permission.

I hope he really meant it when he mentioned going out to eat Asian cuisine with me, and that he didn’t accidentally say that because he was in a mood.

He better ask me out properly.

pissed off

It better be a date.

It better end well.

It better lead to something amazing and special...  *cough cough* a romantic relationship with him *cough cough*

Oh well, Dream fairies, time for me to head to bed. Behave and do your job properly! People like a good dream every now and then.

*The images used above do NOT belong to me! All proper credits belong to the proper owners!*