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Mob the explorer!

I woke up after dreaming of Max, I don't remember the dream and I don't wish to.

After I got photos taken for my citizenship, I texted Mob for a confirmation that he is available today, unfortunately I had received none but still chose to go downtown.

I just needed to get away from it all.

The thoughts of Max were rushing through my mind, anger made my blood boil.

I just needed someone to be there for me, to take my mind off of him.

Forget about him.

“Where is he?” I muttered to myself in anger, sitting beside a large window inside Tim Horton’s.

12:56 PM and still no reply.

I texted my best friend Victoria for comfort and attention, then I called her; telling her about my emotional distress,  apparently she’s in a similar position (her crush hasn’t contacted her or responded to her at all) and our conversation ended with inappropriate curses directed at the opposite sex.

Mob texted me to see if I was still up for the meet-up (Of course I was!) then he began to panic that I was already down town.

He showed up an hour later (at 2:56PM) and begged to find out how long I have waited (3 hours), at least he apologized.

*sighs* I can never be too angry with him.

We hung out at the U of T campus, and then went out to eat;

We had some pretty nice conversations; he would make me laugh, I would ask him about the meal, and everything was going fine until Mob suggested that next time we hang out, I should go with him to this other restaurant he knows at North York, then added “You can bring Max”.

My smile faded;


He paused, probably realizing that he crossed the line.

I don’t remember what happened afterwards, we just went on discussing other things.

“If this was a date” Mob said around the end of our supper, “then it would’ve been a good one”.

I smiled at him, he’s right; it would’ve been a perfect date.


My eyes got teary.

“I want you to tell me what’s wrong” He leaned over the table to look into my eyes, which were directed at my legs.

“I just... I just wish I was doing this with Max” I looked up at him, I could feel the blood rushing into my face.

His gaze fell down, I sensed that he might’ve been actually offended.

I didn’t mean that.

Later on I told everything that had happened today to Victoria over Facebook, I realized that I really might have hurt Mob’s feelings.

I really didn’t mean to do that.

I felt so stupid for crying over what he said

and so rude

I'm a terrible friend.

Mob was there for me and the first thing I say after having a good time is 'I wish you were somebody else'? What the heck is wrong with me?

I’m going to apologize to him tomorrow”

Damn right I am!

Then we hurried back to catch a bus and headed to the subway. We separated at the terminal station after warm hugs and I sprinted towards my bus, jumped out of it at my station, and sprinted back home.

I arrive home at 7:13PM.

My teacher decided not to show up today, huh.

Oh right, she said she couldn’t make it today from the beginning.

Silly me...

I messaged Max, just like Mob has suggested (he explained that some guys don’t follow ‘the rule’ and simply assume that the girl is not interested because she never calls) but Max didn’t seem to be interested in the conversation at all!

He didn’t ask me about my day or anything.


No more “Hey Lucky, how are you? J



I pray to Mother Nature to speed up the evolution and make men smarter, PLEASE!

Same goes to you, G~d.  

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