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Writer's Block: Karaoke Time

"I'm your biggest fan, I'll follow you until you love me" - Paparazzi ~Lady GaGa

"You rock my world you know you did, and everything I own I give" Rock My World ~ Michael Jackson

"Made a wrong turn, once or twice, dug my way out, blood and fire. Bad desicions, that's alright, welcome to my silly life" F***in' Perfect ~ P!nk

"It's time to lose your mind and, let the crazy out (Ooout, this place about to-) Tonight we're taking names cause, we don't mess around (This place about to blow)" Blow ~ Ke$ha

"I watch it all change, take the news of the day and throw it away, time will kill all the pain" Life Won't Wait for You ~ Ozzy Osbourne.

I have a weird taste in music, I know.