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Strange dream...

Dream fairies, why are you doing your job so sloppily?!
I found myself down town, entering a building that looked similar to the one in the U of T campus (probably for the pharmacy students). It was dark outside, so I took a step inside and found out that the building is actually humongous!
And I loved it.
The walls were either made out of glass or iron, there were first-class civilians everywhere, and waiters all dressed neatly in black and white.
I hopped into an elevator and pressed 7, glancing around and shooting polite smiles at those near me. The lighting was awful, it was so dim, but I guess it's the hotel's way of saving energy.

The door opened and I hopped out.
The walls were made out of iron it steel to give the hotel residents some privacy, but since there were small round windows on each door; it looked like we were in a submarine!
I stepped inside my room, again; it appeared larger than what was on the outside.
My brother (Light) was sitting on the bed, which was covered in yellow sheets, he was playing on a laptop.
Ok, how about I look for mom and dad?

I stepped outside into the hallway, My head bumped against somebody's back.

I glance up apologetically; "Excuse me..."

"Hey!" the man shot a goofy smile at me, his eyes glittered in delight.
"Max? What are you doing here?"

He turned around, around noticed that he was wearing a striped shirt with a v-neck which exposed only a small portion of his chest and his collar bone, and he wore his casual jeans.

"Your parents bought me a ticket to come along" his goofy smile spread.

"That's lovely'" I smiled back, glancing at the room number on his key, which I presumed was on the other end of the hallway.

Typical, of course my parents made sure that he was no where near me... Why was Max coming along, anyway?
I walked past Max and made my way down the stairs to the second floor in search for my parents, who were still nowhere in sight.
Then, there was shouting, followed by the sound of bullets scraping the air and hitting the metal elevators. The shooting was coming from the bottom of the stairs leading to the first floor.

The civilians, dressed in either suits or elegant dresses, quickly spread to the sides in panic, giving out a large cry for help.
The shooting and the shouting has resumed, this time there were more bullets coming our way and from different places now. I realized that we were being ambushed and allowed my eyes to search for the ambushers, found them...

They were either men or women, dressed in 1920's attire. The men looked like the classical gangsters while the women were just some elegantly dressed gals.
(this is when it gets silly).


I mentally ordered myself. My body lifted off into the air, my vision was clouded with pink aura, and my hands were wrapped with pink plasma bolts.
I tossed the plasma bolts at the gangsters, hitting some of them, missing the rest. Luckily my plasma bolts don't damage the environment.

The gangsters scattered in retreat, but I wasn't finished with them. I flew after them and shot down each one, when I knew that I was finished; I landed in the main floor; which was wrecked...
The glass windows let the early morning sunshine in, lighting up the front lobby. The tropical plants were destroyed, there were bits of wood and glass on the floor. My eyes surveyed the damages.

"Lucky!" a familiar voice called out to me, I turned around, "Max?!".

Max was walking up to me, his posture appeared strong and dominant, but his wounds suggested otherwise; there was blood coming out from his nose, a scratch across his left brow, his face was slightly bruised, and... He was missing a left arm.

"Yeah I got involved in the fight and I lost my arm" he raises it, exposing the flesh and bone, then he quickly caught his left upper arm (what was left of it) and lowered it so I wouldn't see the flesh anymore. "Sorry, I don't want you to get all grossed out" he said, I could hear a sense of self consciousness in his voice.

I grabbed on what was left of his left arm with my left hand, pulled it towards me, surveyed the wound, then I raised my right hand towards it. My hand began to give off a pink aura.

As I was healing him, I looked back up to survey his face, this time it looked less beat up, and his charming smile had returned (you'd expect the guy to look surprised by the fact that I even had super powers, but I guess he's already used to weirdness if he was trying to fight off a goddamn mafia ambush).

I shot a smile back, wondering why does he always try to seem brave. Then I looked back at his left arm, which was slowly growing back; "Lucky, you don't have to do this..."

"shut up." I retorted, still focusing on healing his arm.
The elbow has now formed, now the lower part on his arm, here comes the wrist... Now his hand was forming, then the fingers started growing and taking shape.

Once I was finished, Max pulled his left arm back to check the results, he was pleased.
I don't recall how I got to another hotel, but what I do know is that it was a cottage this time, and quite large, too. My mom had rented it and I got a pretty large room on the second floor, the first floor had a spa and clinic, one of the women who worked there had offered to give me a skin treatment for free. I accepted the offer because I wanted my skin to be in a better condition.

I happened to run into Angel, who was sitting in the clinic, my father was standing beside us as we conversed; "I hate my hair, it's so long and damaged, see?" I showed Angel my hair, then I glanced at hers, which was much longer than mine, it reached her butt!

"I'm okay with mine, feel it." she said, and so I grabbed it: it was so golden, thick and healthy.

"Wow! It's so healthy! I'm so jealous!" I looked at her, she smiled modestly.

Later on, I stepped outside of the cottage and walked towards the grassy beach, I could see a boat leaving the shores on the other end of the land and heading towards a scary island/giant cave of another.
I got a text, it was from Max: "I'm heading off, sorry I couldn't say goodbye properly. :("

I texted him back "Where are you going? You still didn't get your haircut!"

"Of course I got a hair cut, I'm in the army, and right now were heading off into a cave where the terrorist are."
My heart dropped, I was about to text him back but then my father woke me up in reality.

Okay, first of all, what the heck was that, Dream Fairies?! Second of all, I'm sensing layoffs! So run, run!

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