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I managed to mentally prepare myself at friend zoning Max, I am so proud of myself!

I managed to figure out his physical traits which I don't like in guys (I don't know about his personality, so far it seems good to me).

I don't know how, but I did it, and just in a nick of time, too.
"Want to go for a walk? Or is your dad picking you up?" Max messaged me

Follow the three minute rule, Lucky...
1 minute is long enough!
"Sure" I messaged back.
An hour later he snuck behind me (I could see his reflection, so nice try, mister!)
He was wearing glasses...
Aha! Another turn off!!!

I can't even bring myself to think of him as cute, so it WAS a physical attraction, a crush!

While we were walking down the hill, Max said:
"The reason I hang out with you is because you see me as a friend... The same way I see you as a friend" Max said.

Back to the friend zone talk...
I nod, "Yep! That's why I hang out with you, too! I mean everytime I hang out with a guy friend and hr starts showing me any sign of affection, I just get repulsed!"

Beautiful job, Lucky, you cut the romantic string just before your heart could cross over it. Wonderful! I am so proud of you!!!
Good job!
Now you don't have to tell him hoe you felt (past tense) towards him and end this wonderful this one that you have worked so hard on! Lovely.
Just lovely.
... Of course I am a little disappointed, but this is important!

He is an amazing guy, which is exactly why you didn't want to risk it.

What have I learnt?
That as unbelievable as this may seem, there may be plenty more guys like him out there, and ones who may actually find me attractive.

*sighs in relief*
High five, fairies.

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