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Getting to know Mr. Mo

Hung out with Mo today after blowing Max off.
... I have my reasons.

At the library, some old man was watching me, smiled at me a couple of timed, I didn't want to seem rude so I smiled back.
Then when I was heading out of the library, that man approached me and said with a heavy accent"Would you like me to give you a ride?"
I shook my head and smiled politely, "No thanks, my friend is picking me up."
He marched away.
Later I told Max what had happened, he didn't react. Mo did, though, and he laughed at me for smiling at the man, I was just trying to be nice!!!
Mo and I met up at the mall, we hung out, had a few laughs (he's a hilarious guy). He complained about walking but refused to get picked up by my mom, talk about being stubborn!

Earlier today (at lunchtime) a disabled man on a wheelchair asked me to stick earphones into his ears, the poor man could barely lift up his arms, nor could he speak properly...
I helped him, but with all honesty it was a bizarre experience; trying to fit in ear plugs into a stranger's ear..

My hormones are raging right now, and hence I am pissed off...
Goodnight by pixie dust collectors. Dream well.

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I was looking through GMH (gives me hope) stories and some of them triggered my memory...
Last week, on Tuesday, as I was carefully ice-skating to practice for the then-up-coming friendly-date, an old man skated in front of me at a high speed before he slid sides to stop. I was startled by hid extreme skating, but smiled at him politely as he looked at me.
I continued skating when out of the blue he skates up to me and says:
"I like showing off in front of beautiful girls" then he winked at me and went on with his day.
Kind strangers like that who brighten up my day GMH.
PS. The friendly-date was wonderful...

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Hanging out with Mob

I made a big step today by speaking to my Guidance counselor about being molested a few years ago, she said that she will look into what should be done and contact me some time later next week.
I won't get too much into it, but what I can tell you is that I'm ready to get past my fears; or at least I wish I could. I got back to my class after getting myself pulled together and returned to my seat.

Mob, the guy I mentioned on Tuesday’s post; was an average looking guy, about my height. He had a nice face, large nose, soft voice and dark brown eyes. His hair was brown and slightly wavy, he was growing a beard (a little more apparent than Max's). He was standing beside me after class as I waited for my English teacher's attention, suddenly he wrapped his arms around me in affection, I turned around and hugged him back. I ended up spilling to him the reason why I had went to see my Guidance counselor in the first place, he watched me intensely as I went on, he complimented me for my ‘bravery’ and finally said; "Do you want to hang out at lunch at Tim-Horton's? Grab a drink? Do you want my phone number? I’m there for you".
We exchanged numbers and agreed to meet up at the back of the school.

As we walked towards the small cafe, I had explained to him how I felt about making the big step of reporting what had happened to me as a freshman, Mo's response was "I know how you feel."

Baffled, I responded with a doubtful laugh; "Really now?"
He remained silent, there was a hint of smile on his face.
I realized that I was being rude, and so I continued to question him in hopes of getting a response before making things worse; "Are you serious? Do you really know what I'm going through?"

To ensure that I don't disclose too much private information to you, the reader; I will plainly say that Mob was implying that he had experienced something a little similar in the past.

We spoke of our experiences, then compared the consequences and reflected.

We bought our drinks, I chose an iced French-vanilla while he went with the iced chocolate-mint drink.

We visited the Goulding-park, it was my first time there, and so I spent a small portion of it surveying and admiring the landscape. We sat down on a bench under the protection of the shade from the beaming sun and continued our conversation.

            I got to know him quite well, and to my surprise; he used to be quite a selfish and ignorant boy in elementary and middle-school, but now I could say with full confidence that he was mature.

He pointed out his interest in me; saying that when he heard me speaking in English class, he had concluded that I was a smart girl.

I truly do like him.

Once it was time for me to head to my student-teacher interview with my English teacher, I accidently ended up whining about my lifestyle but quickly brought myself to the point and discussed my weaknesses, the teacher gave me a few pointers on how to strengthen them.

Overall, this was a nice day.

I also made a vow to myself not to hang out with Max unless he clearly asks me out: No, saying “I’m going to Food Basics” is not a way to ask a girl out! (Whether it’s a romantic or a friendly date).

Testing phone version

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Мои твиты


Writer's Block: What’s on your mind?

What are you thinking about right now?

Мои твиты


The Talk...

Me *Dials the phone*: Hello dad? It's 6 o'clock already, where are you?

Dad: We're like 2-minutes away from the house, we'll be home soon.

Me: Great! Because I made dinner!

Mom *on the other line*: Umm how about we go dinning out tonight!

Me: Oh... but I thought my birthday dinner was tomorrow...

Mom: It is! Tomorrow we'll have a BIG dinner at a HUGE restaurant, today we can go dine at a small restaurant.

Me: Oh! That's a great idea! How about the Yummy Grill?

Mom: The Yummy Grill? Sure hun!

Me: Awesome! Thanks! See you later! *turns off the phone*

First im like this:YAY FOR DINNER PARTY


Then I'm like this: Wait a minute....

Writer's Block: Starstruck

Have you ever met anyone famous?
Everytime my dog barks, I assume that it's the mail-man with my gift, so I squeal really loud and look through the window only to discover it was just a rabbit hopping across our front yard on a horse...

Tomorrow is my actual birthday party and I hope I'll enjoy some good ol' chinese food with good ol' Sweet chicken corn soup.
..and plenty of rice.
... and some sweet good pork
........ and coke.
And guess what?



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